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September 23, 2017
Station of Fire Boats

Fire Boat No. 1 "John R. Frazier"

Fire Boat No. 2 "Mayor Thomas D. Alesandro, Jr."

Fire Rescue Boat No. 1

Fire Rescue Boat No. 2

2609 Leahy Street, 21230


Fort McHenry

Also responds to: Locust Point, Inner Harbor, Downtown, Brooklyn, Fairfield, Canton & Fells Point.  Fire Boats respond to any incident on the water within Baltimore City and any fire within two blocks from the water.  Additionally, the Fire Boat is a regional response vessel, purchased with homeland security money.  Being the only large Fire Boat on the entire Chesapeake Bay, as well as the only full time staffed vessel, the Fire Boat could be called to respond as far south as Richmond, Virginia and as far north as Delaware.

Station built in 1937

Fire Boat No. 1 the "John R. Frazier" is an 85 foot, steel and aluminum constructed vessel. It can pump 7,000 gallons of water per minute (gpm). Fire Boat No. 1 serves as the front line Fire Boat.  It was purchased in 2007 and named for a former Chief of the Baltimore City Fire Department.  Fire Boat No. 1 is staffed with one Officer, one Marine Pilot, one Marine Engineer and either a second Marine Engineer or a Firefighter.

Fire Boat No. 2 the "Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr." is a 103 foot, all steel construction vessel.  It can pump 12,000 gpm.  Fire Boat No. 2 serves as the reserve Fire Boat when Fire Boat No. 1 is out of service for repairs or maintenance.  It can also be placed in service with off duty members if a large incident requires both Fire Boats.  It was purchased in 1956 and named for the Mayor of Baltimore at that time. 

Fire Rescue Boat 1 is a 30 foot Sea Ark aluminum hull vessel with a 1,500 gpm pump. It was purchased in 2003 and serves as the front line Fire Rescue Boat.  Fire Rescue Boat 1 is staffed with one Emergency Boat Operator and either a second Emergency Boat Operator or a Firefighter.

Fire Rescue Boat 2 is a 30 foot Sea Ark aluminum hull vessel with a 1,500 gpm pump.  It was purchased in 2003 and serves as the reserve Fire Rescue Boat.

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